Assessing Relationship Stressors

No one likes stressors of relationships of any kind!
From anxiety, frustrations, arguments, verbal and emotional abuse, anger, etc. Take action now!  Did you know that stress of any kind can cause physical health problems?
During a session we will coach you on the importance of:
  •  Building Rapport, Trust & Safety
  •  Clarifying Vision And Direction
  •  Strategizing Actions
  •  Upgrading Skills
  •  Optimizing Environment
  •  Mastering Your Mind and Emotions
  •  Helping People Get to Peace
16 years of experience using the Virtual Frequency Device for clearings and reprogramming, has led to many great success stories regarding the switching of bad behaviors to good.
Testimony # 1 
Client lived near San Diego, in Southern California. I live in Northern California. The clients husband lived in Hawaii.  I did a program where I type in where they live, then list all the problems. Afterwards list the desired reults and wait for the finish. Within an hour she called me, and said that her husband called from Hawaii just to say nice things to her, and have a nice talk!  She told me that it had been years since he said anything nice to her!  Amazing!
Testimony # 2
Caregiver wanted to stop working for a cantankerous elderly man. I performed the same, previously mentioned, program on both the caregiver and her client.  When she got home the elderly man asked her to find something for him and He said both please and thank you! In a nice tone!  She was very thankful and completely shocked.
It is not necessary for both parties to be present during the Vurtial Frequency Clearing program for the  Relationship program.
Relationship problems can be with anyone.
  • Child & parent.                    
  • Grand parent and you
  • Relatives                                
  • You and Boss
  • Cats       
  • Dogs 
  • Boss and employees 
  • you and your sports coach
The boss of the common workplace strives to maintain efficiency, balance, and compassion.
The same for proffesional sport teams!  Member count is no issue, tennis doubles, or a large team can seek to benefit from the teachings of this course. Social friction can lead to an unseating defeat!
Please fill out the questionaire for a private session or group workshop. I would love to talk with you over a consultation call! 
I would love to talk with you over a consultation call! We will discuss in a group session the different ways that I will perform a healing for you and the group!
Take notes! Do your homework! Follow directions, and you will see improvements in health and vitality! If you delay too long to register for the class you may miss it! Please contact me (Starnanda) and I will get back to you as soon as possible!