Emotions, Fears, and Facing Phobias

Let Go of Unwanted Emotions, Behaviors, & Phobias
Not only do unwanted emotions and behaviors upset you, they distress other people around you! Did you know that unwanted emotions get stuck in the body and may be a root cause of many health issues? This leads to even more emotional upsets! 
Now is the time to make a change in your life! But how?
Each week I see what are the most common emotions people in the group are having, and then we can work on them. 
During a session we will coach you on the importance of:
  •  Building Rapport, Trust & Safety
  •  Clarifying Vision And Direction
  •  Strategizing Actions
  •  Upgrading Skills
  •  Optimizing Environment
  •  Mastering Your Mind and Emotions
  •  Helping People Get to Peace
My Three Methods:
  • 1. Prayer while isolating the area of repressed or blocked emotion, of which the client will release.
  • 2. Virtual Frequency Clearnings!  They work great on emotions, behaviors, phobias, addictions, even relationships!
  • 3. On difficult blockages, I do both! In addition, we can all join in the healing!
Testimony #1: 
This particular individual is a geriatric man with a bad attitude. In addition to his ill rapport, he had been consistently smoking cigars for several decades. His personal caregiver had been left in a tough situation, seeking to abandon her job at times. We performed a Virtual Frequency session on his bad behaviors and his smoking habit. When the caregiver had arrived home, the man asked for something, he also says both please and thank you! with the addition of some newly found manners, the man also found the taste of his cigars to be nauseating.
Testimony #2:
The individual involved in this testimony is a 12 year old boy, who was on the autistic spectrum. He had major difficulties behaving in class and had a reputation for frequent interuptions. The mother of the child consented to a Virtual Frequency Clearing. Before the process had started the child was restless, constlantly fidgeting or squirming. I asked him to lay down to relax and he adimently refused. I had pressed the "relax" setting and within 12 seconds, the child was calm and collected. Soon after, he willingly laid down and remained well behaved the remainder of the session. Several days later I received a phone call from the child's mother detailing the call she recently had with the principle. The principle goes on to say the child is now behaving very well and is a stellar student!
Please remember that there are many other causes for phobias, addictions, and health problems! It is very important to find where they reside and let go of both emotional and physical bad habits! We will work on them in this course as well as in the other courses! 
Please fill out the questionaire for a private session or group workshop. I would love to talk with you over a consultation call! 
I would love to talk with you over a consultation call! We will discuss in a group session the different ways that I will perform a healing for you and the group!
Take notes! Do your homework! Follow directions, and you will see improvements in health and vitality! If you delay too long to register for the class you may miss it! Please contact me (Starnanda) and I will get back to you as soon as possible!